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Unfinished work?

The Le Nain Brothers, Three Men and a Boy, c.1647-8, oil on canvas, 54.1 x 64.5cm. National Gallery, London. Very little is known about the French Le Nain brothers,  Antoine, Louis and Mathieu, other than that they shared a studio … Continue reading

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Creative Types

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October 6, 2014

 ‘Without words, without writing and without books there would be no history, there could be not concept of humanity.’ – Hermann Hesse

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After the Masters

  Jumping off from yesterday’s post, I have uploaded a pretty terrible photo of a section of a postcard of an eighteenth-century Dutch floral painting by Jan van OS, held in the Art Gallery of South Australia collection.  It’s taped … Continue reading

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Economy of means

 Feliks Topolski, Air Attack (from Three Continents).  Image Credit: Feliks Topolski, Fourteen Letters, Faber and Faber Limited, London, 1988. No pagination A couple of days ago, blog Pays Connu posted on a series of drawings which formed part of a learning/teaching exercise in figure … Continue reading

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Carolus Linnaeus

 Carolus Linnaeus sits lonely in a quiet corner of the Botanic Gardens. I decided he needed a little something to spruce up his blemished portrait.  It took me two visits to install – the first time I waited for what … Continue reading

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Ancient Sound

Paul Klee, Ancient Sound Abstract on Black 1925 oil on cardboard 38 x 38.5cm, Kunstsammlung, Basel There is something so humble and modest and true about Klee, and his work speaks to something I find difficult to express in words.  … Continue reading

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