Assignment One

After a hiatus of about ten years, I decided to start writing a diary again on my 39th birthday.  The idea of this was to find a place to settle with my own thoughts, even if just for a moment. A kind of retreat for the sake of mental health and clarity!  I am now on the homestretch of completing my phD thesis on eighteenth-century art history, as well as trying to reconcile a very insistent demand that I spend more time on my own artistic practice.  So, I am a knit-addicted artist (painting, drawing, rugmaking) with a penchant for art history and making things. I suffer from imposter syndrome, being a creative type wrestling with a big academic project.

In terms of blogging, I actually have not entirely sorted out exactly what I want it to do or be about!  The other blog I maintained sporadically until late February this year is a mix of photos of things and places with the odd bit of rambling stuff thrown in.  I like the idea of putting things somewhere so they are preserved in some way, so that I can look back at images and thoughts or words safely tucked away inside what we call the internet archive. On the other hand, I would like to work on a space more focused on my artistic practice and research – although I suspect that that may come a little later once I have the weight of the thesis off my shoulders!  I love what other historians across the disciplines have done with their own blogs, and they have inspired me to explore and experiment with the on-line medium to present work and ideas with a broader audience.  As an art historian, I feel it is kind of my responsibility to share knowledge gained from research and unearthing the forgotten, to hopefully engage a new audience for art and artists, and to indulge my desire to save forgotten or lost things from turning to dust.

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About Melanie

Artist with penchant for art history. Knit-addicted maker of things. Finished a phD thesis on eighteenth-century art. Love for mythology, folklore, music, stories, the trivial, random and accidental. I frequently contradict myself.
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