Oi You! Mallee Tree Yarn bomb at the Adelaide Festival Theatre

We were invited to install a yarn bomb project covering the mallee tree solar lights next door to the Art Space Gallery at the Adelaide Festival Centre, to accompany the street art exhibition which featured works by Banksy…all as part of the Oi You! Street Art Festival in April of this year.  We happily and very gratefully accepted the help of others too, – including the Country Women’s Association –  who pitched in and whipped up some extra segments, all of which we hand stitched together in the State Library before installing them onsite the next day.  My son was an amazing crew member, stitching up like a pro, and helping out with little Miss when she got her running feet on! Both my wee-uns were amazing and it was a pure joy to have them along as part of this project! 

The coverings were all created with Australian flora and fauna in mind, in response to the concept of the solar lights as representative of mallee trees … to this end, beautiful individual pieces of gumnut and wattle flowers, caterpillars, nesting birds, snails, slugs, and even a spider in its web were used to embellish the long strips of knitted and crocheted fabric. (Of course, these bits and bobs were so lovely that they were unfortunately ripped off almost immediately, as soon as we turned our backs, it seems!) It was amazing to watch how it all came together, realizing we had more than enough to cover each of the poles. The very last photos posted above shows how the poles fared after some heavy rain which pulled them down like socks. Everything sadly drooping, but strangely beautiful, too.

As we installed our piece on the day of the Festival opening party, lots of people passing by stopped to chat and take a photo, while the reactions of children was by far the most exciting response we had!  It was after lots of people asking who we were that we realised that we needed a crew name.  Weeks later, and after churning around lots of ideas, we settled on 8ply on the Sly.


About Melanie

Artist with penchant for art history. Knit-addicted maker of things. Finished a phD thesis on eighteenth-century art. Love for mythology, folklore, music, stories, the trivial, random and accidental. I frequently contradict myself.
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