Belated New Year Post

Well, looking back some months (!!!) at the last blog post, I can report that no, I have not been able to curb the will to create! Seems I am not fit for pretending not to be someone who makes and paints…I can not entirely abandon art, and go clean in favour of a strictly monogamous relationship with academia….who knew?? Ah my, seems I just have to I do what I can, when I can.  Which explains my tennis elbow. 

This year will be tough.  Another couple of thesis chapters to knock out, my book chapter to be published in a scholarly, edited volume… and loads and loads of reading to be done!  And many hours going from loving my job to wondering whether or not I have lost all sense of sense!

At present, I am in the middle of creating an installation, kind of like a yarn bomb cubby inside a motel room for a recent commission, and there is an upcoming piece outdoors to do to coincide with the Banksy exhibition which is coming in April or May! And a stack of paintings in my studio to finish.

Must stick to my resolve to actually keep this blog in some kind of existence and  maintain it even.  Next bit is to work out how to pop all the things I photograph by phone here…. more visuals needed!


About Melanie

Artist with penchant for art history. Knit-addicted maker of things. Finished a phD thesis on eighteenth-century art. Love for mythology, folklore, music, stories, the trivial, random and accidental. I frequently contradict myself.
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