I Told You So

Feeling slightly freaked out, I went to a counsellor on campus the other week, just for some reassurance that I am not losing my mind and maybe, just maybe there is something I can do to stretch time out more, to make things slightly less crazy on a day to day level. A way to get more out of an hour. Mr Counsellor said that not even I can do all the things I want to be doing.  He suggested that my problem is that I have to stop doing my art while I am doing my thesis.  And that after my thesis I should probably not pursue any other artistic endeavours then, either.  For a second I listened. And got this burning, stabbing pain right through my chest when he declared that I can not be an artist and an art historian at the same time. Then I realised that he is completely nuts.  And so I went on to crochet a nice new frock for the statue of Queen Victoria in Victoria Square. Photos to follow on installation!


About Melanie

Artist with penchant for art history. Knit-addicted maker of things. Finished a phD thesis on eighteenth-century art. Love for mythology, folklore, music, stories, the trivial, random and accidental. I frequently contradict myself.
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